We have a full week programme to Levi. You may choose 3, 5 or 7 days outdoorguided programme including high quality accommodation. Everything starts from Kittilä airport. So you may relax and let driver take you to your accommodation and activities when transportation is needed. Every activity starts and ends to your Hotel.

(or ask other options, we arrange private transportations also from Helsinki, or by private plane from any destination)

Levi Accommodation

Our accomodation is Hotel K5 Levi. Hotel K5 Levi is high quality Hotel(****) and they have SAUNA in every room!

(ask if you want for example stay at SPA or your own luxury Villa)

Levi OutdoorGuided Programme:

You need proper winter clothes. Skis are not included (so many want to use their own), but just tell us when making reservation and we will arrange any rentals. You can change any activity to skipass.(you need to tell this when booking and we will discount your final invoice)

snowshoe levi

Sunday Outdoor Activity #SnowShoeHike

20-22.30 Snowshoe hike. It is possible to see northern lights This activity Includes Snowshoes rental and warm drinks.

(you need proper winter clothes and winter shoes. Snow shoes are attached to your own shoes and may make some scratches to your shoes.)

reindeer farm levi

Monday Outdoor Activity #ReindeerFarm

10.00-13.00 Reindeer Farm. Visit to reindeer farm where we make small reindeer ride. Lunch Included.

Starts from your Hotel

snowmobile tour levi

Tuesday Outdoor Activity #SnowMobile

10.00-12.00 Snow mobile “Tour de Levi”. We make guided tour with snow mobiles. Driver needs to have driving license in their own country. Two people on each snow mobile. (Small kids or no driving lisence? Just ask -every one can join this tour. We can also arrange longer tours etc.)

Starts from your Hotel

downhill skiing levi

Wednesday Outdoor Activity

12.00-17.00 Downhill Skiing. This activity Includes lunch at the “Kota” and skipass(sausages, warm juice, coffee. And we also taste traditional Lapland wilderness foods.)

Starts from the Ski Rental Point (you need proper winter clothes and winter shoes.)

Kota will be warm and late lunch served 14.00-15.00.

Guide will help beginners to start and advanced skiers can go freely if they like 😉

IceKarting Levi

Thursday Outdoor Activity #IceKarting

10.00-12.00 Ice Karting. This activity Includes two driving sessions with real carting cars and all gears that needed. Hot juice between races. (remember that there is zero tolerance for alcohol or other drugs)

Starts from your Hotel

northern lights levi ruka kilpisjärvi

Friday Outdoor Activity #NorthernLights

21.00-24.00 Northern Light This trip may be done also at other nights depending on northern lights “weather”. Depending on your wishes we can go car accessible place or even stay the whole night outdoors. (please mention when booking). Remember to bring your camera. Includes hot drinks and light snacks. (we can’t control the weather so no refunds on this -sorry)

Starts from your Hotel

Cross Country Skiing levi

Saturday Outdoor Activity #Skiing

10.00-13.00 Cross Country Skiing. This activity Includes lunch at the “Kota” (sausages, warm juice, coffee. And we also taste traditional Lapland wilderness foods.) We ski less than 10km and tracks profile is easy. If you have never skied let us know and we will arrange beginners trip after this. Advanced skiers can come for lunch 11.00-12.00 at the Kota.

Starts from your Hotel


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