Well after hell of a drive from Helsinki to Kilpisjärvi I saw bad dreams which language I would use at this BLOG. Well because Im also attracting people to come here from abroad I thought that English would be better. Just call me guys if there is any issues 😉Well did not really have any bad dreams. Slept well as always at outdoors. I bought some drinkable youghurt for breakfast but decided to make some out porridge with left over sausages from the last evening. You need to taste this before you comment 😉Drive to Kilpisjärvi went fast and I do not recommend speeding (there are reindeers at the road).Still trying to manage with videos.. Will share at the IG and FB when ready.. Go to see @lottahintsa IG and you may see what happened at the top of the Halti.

And then trip started. Helicopter flight took like 15min and then we landed to Pitsus Köngäs. It was so great to see Pitsus Köngös from the bird angle.

From Pitsus Köngäs its like 20km walk to the top of the Halti. First 5 kilometers to Pihtus lake were easy. There I took long lunch break. I ate 300g entrecote steak and some corn pasta with chili mayonnaise. Very heavy but you need energy! And because that helicopter ride my backback weighted almost 35 kilos. Took a small nap, cup of cofee and started third stage towards Halti’s top!

Total walk 5km Stage walk 5km


Path after the Pihtus Järvi was a bit boring and need to say that my backback started to weight but I wanted to test my limits and plan was to enjoy whole night at the top.


Start was easy. Trail climbed slowly and there was only small streams that I easily walked through without change of boots. Did I tell that I bought new boots for this trip. Old ones were a bit used and have had a long time feeling that they are half number too small. After long comparison of boots I bought Haix Air Power P3 boots and need to say they worked well in these conditions.

Total walk 9km Stage walk 4km


Terrain started to change rougher and rougher. Big stones and for me with 35kg at the back it was essential to stay on marked track where stones seemed to be at least a bit smaller than outside the marked trail.

First time passed snow area and even there was no ice cracks you need to be careful because few times my boots went through snow and kind of stuck there..

Total walk 12km Stage walk 3km


Arrived to guide post that told 4,5km to the summit and 4km to the Halti wilderness hut. Because weather forecast promised clear evening I decided to continue with my backback towards top of the Halti.

Total walk 13km Stage walk 1km


Second larger snow area.Walked like an ONE kilometer in an hour.. Temprature is like +8C and I do not need to use my GTX jacket.. If it would be raining this would be very rough.

Total walk 14km Stage walk 1km


Started to plan final spurt. Need to say that ascent has been hard. 35kg at the back is just too much for me. I walk like 8 steps and then need to have a small break. Last large snow area. At the left side it there is avalanche area but I do not need to go even near of it. But if you do this at dark – take care!

Total walk 15km Stage walk 1km


Final spurt continued like eight steps and then brake rhythm. Third and the biggest snow area is almost done. Because weather is nice and warm +8c snow are is not so dangerous, but heard that after my visit it did go below 0 so when it gets icy you should think about some ice climbing gears.


Finally at the highest point of Finland! But did you know that Halti is not the highest hill in Finland. Highest hill in Finland is Ridnitsohka (1.371m) and Halti is only highest point in Finland. Top of the Halti is at the Norwegian side of the border 🙂

Then I started to warm my Sauna! Check next epidode 😉

Total walk 17km Stage walk 2km

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/url8eopeh_s”]



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